Microcredits: fulfill your dream!

Do you need a small injection of liquidity to help you undertake that project you have always wanted? Do you want to make a change that may not be a big investment, but is important for your business? The options at your disposal are numerous; however, not all of them are necessarily adapted to your circumstances. We make it very […]

Conditions of the small Social Institute loan renewal of times and interest rate

Why choose the small Government Agency Social Institute loan With the economic crisis, access to credit has become a necessity for many taxpayers. a condition that affects not only temporary workers and the unemployed but also permanent workers, including civil servants. Subjects who, in case of difficulty, can take advantage of subsidized loans and Government Agency, as well as the […]

Limits on the accumulation loan of pensions and income from work

The law lays down limits on the accumulation of pensions with work income for holders of disability checks or pensions and for retired workers who transform the employment relationship from full-time to part-time. Cumulation of pension and work income The law establishes limits to the accumulation of the pension with work income for: the holders of disability checks; invalidity pension […]

How is the early repayment of the loan?

  Today, a huge number of people use or used the credit services of banks, because they have become much more affordable, and the economic situation in the country has been and remains more or less stable. Repaying a loan in a timely manner is good, but many borrowers, arranging a loan, assumes its early repayment in order to save […]

A credit account in the market

A credit account, a quick loan, a consumer loan and secured loans – this is the list of credit services you can get by contacting smsmoney. A reliable creditor has been working in the market for several years, and during this time he earned only the most flattering reviews, he was able to earn an impeccable reputation. The company is […]

Take out a loan to solve financial problems

  Being unemployed is more common than it seems since, due to the crisis, a large number of people lost their jobs during the last seven years since 2008. That is why, sometimes it is difficult to face unforeseen situations in which a liquidity contribution is necessary to get out of the situation, they can be pending bills or expenses […]