Wed, 22 Apr 2020 02:20:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Microcredits: fulfill your dream! Wed, 22 Apr 2020 02:20:59 +0000 Do you need a small injection of liquidity to help you undertake that project you have always wanted? Do you want to make a change that may not be a big investment, but is important for your business? The options at your disposal are numerous; however, not all of them are necessarily adapted to your circumstances. We make it very easy for you: we manage your microcredit without paperwork and with the maximum agility so that you have the money when you really need it. fleshes this out

Why resort to the help of personal microcredit?

Why resort to the help of personal microcredit?Why resort to the help of personal microcredit?

You may have to face circumstances that you had not anticipated and for which you do not have a cheap mattress; Maybe you have an innovative business idea that you would love to put into practice, but you do not have the amount that should be used for social capital. You may already have a business running and you want to make some improvements or reforms, but for this you need a little economic nudge. In all of the above cases, we are by your side. We offer you a personal microcredit so that you can fulfill your dream in the country.

Requirements to obtain fast credits

Requirements to obtain fast credits

Have you decided to take the step of requesting a microcredit? In that case, we put at your disposal a web page in which, if you are of legal age, you have a demonstrable source of monthly income and you do not appear in any list of defaulters, you will only have to enter the following data and documents through an intuitive form:

  • Valid ID or passport proving that you live in the country.
  • A selfie that confirms who you are.
  • A bank account number from the country so that we can send you the money as soon as possible.
  • A mobile phone number for us to contact you regarding your loan.

As soon as we have all the documentation, we will carry out the study of your financial situation in order to offer you the most suitable conditions for you according to your circumstances. Also, as soon as we approve your fast credit, you will also know under what conditions we grant it to you and what is the maximum term you have to return it (between 61 days and 36 months); In no case will we apply management, opening or cancellation fees.

If you wish, you can also pay an amount higher than the monthly payment and thus reduce the interest on your credit. And, if at any time you experience a particularly complicated month in which you cannot meet the monthly fee, you can request a month of respite.

Best microcredit companies in the country: where can i apply for one?

Best microcredit companies in the country: where can i apply for one?

To request a microcredit, you can turn to managing, social or financial entities, whether public or private. However, some of these alternatives may involve long management deadlines and endless bureaucratic procedures, something that always works against you if you are looking to overcome a specific obstacle or modernize your business. Likewise, with us you will have up to 5000 dollars in your account in the shortest possible time (in just 15 minutes from the time we approve your request), so that you can allocate the amount to your dream or overcome that small difficulty that has presented itself.

We will manage your microcredit with all the guarantees and you can choose the payment day that best suits you. Do not hesitate and contact us.

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Learn to avoid 5 mistakes when doing personal financial control Wed, 25 Mar 2020 02:54:55 +0000

Financial control is essential for a more organized, happy and fulfilling life. But this is not always an easy task and some mistakes can overturn your planning. In this post, you will know 5 mistakes that can end your personal financial control and you will understand how to take care of your finances without fear.


Not knowing your spending

Many people do not realize how much they actually spend and this is because they are lost in installments, different credit cards, postdated checks and other debts that can, together, undermine any financial control. In this task you can use a spreadsheet or applications available on the market. It is necessary to note, in detail, all expenses, including those in installments and understand how these are impacting your budget. Even those small amounts spent on coffee or snacks should be noted and recognized in your budget. If you have an automatic financial control spreadsheet, such as GuiaBolso, the task is easier.


Don’t understand the differences between spending

personal loans

Another mistake in finance is not understanding the different types of disbursements and the impact they have on the budget. There are some expenses that can hardly be avoided, such as rent, food, energy bills and water, among others. These are expenses that, regardless of whether you have income or not, will have to be paid. They can be reduced, but not avoided. Spending on trips to the cinema, going out to bars and restaurants or new clothes can be eliminated. Always try to think if you really need something new and if that trip to a bar or restaurant cannot be replaced by a date at your home, much more fun and economical.


Use credit card or overdraft as income

Use credit card or overdraft as income

Another very common mistake is using the credit card or the overdraft limit as income. Many Brazilians arrive before the end of the month without financial resources and use these two means as an extension of their salaries. Subsequently, due to the very high interest rates, ending these debts becomes an almost impossible task. This problem can be avoided with the conscious use of the credit card combined with the knowledge of the installments that you already have to pay and it is also necessary to avoid having too many cards. The overdraft limit can be drastically reduced in your bank just so that you avoid considering it in your budget.


Not having goals gets in the way of financial control

financial loans

Failing to set goals to cut spending, buy something or save can be one of the mistakes that has been undermining your personal financial control. Now that you already know that knowing your expenses is essential, how about determining percentages to decrease them or even cut them from your life? Later on, you can set goals to purchase something like, for example, a vacation or a change of car, but all with a lot of planning and organization. In addition, you can set a monthly savings target that can be around 5% to 10% of your income and can be used as a reserve for the future.


Not thinking about retirement

money loans

Speaking of the future, another very common mistake is not thinking about retirement. So, even though you are very young, you need to start thinking about yours. Thus, it is necessary that in addition to establishing small monthly savings you start to know a little more about investments and look for the best options according to your profile. You can, for example, talk to your bank manager and ask him which types of investments are best for your age and also for your income. However, don’t stand still and always be aware of the best options for you. In this post you saw that mistakes like not knowing the expenses and types of expenses, using the credit card and overdraft as extra income or not having goals and not thinking about the future can compromise your personal financial control. But you saw that with organization, discipline and changing habits you can overcome these mistakes and control your finances. How about reading another article and understanding how to organize your finances in times of crisis?

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How to apply for a loan, what requirements you must meet? Sat, 29 Feb 2020 03:12:06 +0000




At some point in our lives we may have the situation of having to ask for a loan. When that happens, many people face the problem of not knowing how to apply for a loan: they wonder what requirements they must meet to get it or even where to apply for it. The objective of this article is to solve all these doubts and help you in the process of applying for the loan you need.

Why is it important to know how to apply for a loan?

Why is it important to know how to apply for a loan?


Knowing how to ask for a loan is very important, since it is something that is the order of the day. Many people have had to go to their bank at some point to face an unexpected expense or invest in a new project. Any loan that we request from a third party, for example the bank, and that does not involve extra guarantees is called a personal loan.

We want to analyze in detail how to request a loan and what are the concepts that we must have clear before applying for it. We must know exactly what is the amount we need and what is our ability to pay before we start the process. In this way we will also be able to know what type of loan interests us the most (personal loans, mini credits, mortgage loans, etc.), according to our needs.

Where and how to get a loan?

Where and how to get a loan?


The first question that we have to solve before knowing how to ask for a loan is who can we apply to and what is the procedure to follow. According to our user profile and depending on the requirements that we can meet, we must go to some entities or others.

First, there are the banks of a lifetime . These will request information and documentation of all kinds from the client (income, savings and deposits, justification of the purchase if it is for a consumer good, etc.). They require more difficult requirements to meet and are characterized by their low flexibility in granting loans or credits.

On the other hand, online mini loans can also be an option to solve specific liquidity problems. Its main drawback is that the amounts granted are very low, less than a thousand euros, and that the fees and interest applied are very high, since the risk of default is higher.

One of the options that has long been emerging as an alternative to traditional banking are private equity financial institutions. These types of entities grant loans with much more flexible requirements. They try to adapt to the specific needs of each user in order to help as many people as possible. If what you need is to request a fast and uncomplicated loan, surely an entity is your best option.

Requirements to request a loan

Requirements to request a loan


When a bank lends money in what it is trusting it is in our solvency to return it. If you are wondering how to ask for a loan, you should take into account these basic requirements: 

  • The main requirement is to be able to demonstrate a fixed and high income, in accordance with the amount requested. If the fee to be paid at the end of the month is above 35% of our income, the bank will consider that there is a risk of default.
  • The applicant’s credit history. If it is shown that we have promptly and adequately returned other requested loans and that we do not appear in delinquent files such as the Asnef list , the bank will consider us a suitable candidate. If you are included in such lists, getting a loan with a traditional bank becomes an almost impossible task.
  • They also often value positively that the loan holders are more than one person. This is so because two payrolls, that is, two demonstrable sources of income, are always a better guarantee of payment than one.

If you are concerned about how to get a loan without meeting all these requirements, we have good news for you! With private equity entities, that is no longer a problem. 

We offer home equity loans , which implies that the essential requirement is to have a property free of charges or with little outstanding mortgage. It does not matter if you have a lot of debt or if you are in an embargo situation. We believe in second chances and that is why we want to make it easier for you to get the financing you need.

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Conditions of the small Social Institute loan renewal of times and interest rate Sat, 29 Feb 2020 03:11:22 +0000

Why choose the small Government Agency Social Institute loan

Why choose the small Government Agency Social Institute loan

With the economic crisis, access to credit has become a necessity for many taxpayers. a condition that affects not only temporary workers and the unemployed but also permanent workers, including civil servants. Subjects who, in case of difficulty, can take advantage of subsidized loans and Government Agency, as well as the small renewal Social Institute loan.

The small Social Institute loan ex Government Agency is presented as the most versatile of the Social Institute loans dedicated to public employees and pensioners. It makes it possible to obtain sums up to 8 times the monthly salary or net pension received by the applicant.

Money that can be used to meet expenses of various kinds that fall within the daily family needs of the applicant. Since it is not necessary to specify the purpose for which the credit is requested when applying, the loan can in fact be used to cover expenses of all kinds.

Advantages, those described above, to which is added an advantageous interest rate. The Tan is in fact fixed at 4.25%. As regards the repayment plan, the installments are monthly and the loan can extend for 12, 24, 36 or 48 months.

How the small Social Institute and Government Agency loan renewal works

How the small Social Institute and Government Agency loan renewal works

In the previous lines we have seen what are the advantages of the small Social Institute loan ex Government Agency, then we move on to the question of the small Social Institute loan renewal.

The renewal of a loan is the procedure that allows those who already have a credit line in progress to pay off the old loan and take out a new one at the same time.

In the case of the small Social Institute loan, renewal is granted only on condition that a certain period of time has elapsed from the beginning of the repayment of the loan you wish to pay off.

Specifically, the minimum amortization period is equal to:

  • 6 months for small annual loans;
  • 12 months for small two-year loans;
  • 18 months for small three-year loans;
  • 24 months for small four-year loans.
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Limits on the accumulation loan of pensions and income from work Fri, 28 Feb 2020 03:32:57 +0000

The law lays down limits on the accumulation of pensions with work income for holders of disability checks or pensions and for retired workers who transform the employment relationship from full-time to part-time.

Cumulation of pension and work income

Cumulation of pension and work income

The law establishes limits to the accumulation of the pension with work income for:

  • the holders of disability checks;
  • invalidity pension holders;
  • retired workers who transform their employment relationship from full-time to part-time.

Furthermore, it is recalled that the applicant for the old-age pension, the old-age pension or the early pension, in order to be able to obtain the right to a pension, must cease subordinate employment. It is not necessary, however, to cease self-employment.

Deductions the employer withholds the salary

Deductions the employer withholds the salary

If the pensioner is employed, the employer withholds the salary and must pay the amount retained to the social security institution that pays the pension. In the event of late payment of the benefit, the retention is made by the social security institution on the pension arrears.

If the pensioner is in possession of self-employed income, the withholding is effected on the pension by the social security institution. The deduction can be daily and to be made on the salary for employee income, or monthly and to be made on the pension based on income from self-employment.

Income from work related to activities carried out without a subordination obligation must be considered as income from self-employment, regardless of the methods of declaration for tax purposes. If the self-employed activity was carried out only for a period during the calendar year, the deduction must be applied to the months for which the income was earned.

The retiree who carries out dependent employment abroad is required to communicate to Social Institute the starting date of the activity, the number of working days and the monthly salary amount. The deductions are made directly by the Social Institute on the pension.

The retiree who carries out self-employed work abroad must report the income by the due date.

Disability allowance

Disability allowance

For disability check holders who continue to work, the law provides for a double check cut. The pension is reduced by 25% if the income exceeds four times the minimum annual treatment and by 50% if it exceeds five times.

If the reduced allowance still remains above the minimum treatment, it may undergo a second cut. With less than 40 years of contributions, the second deduction is triggered, which varies according to the origin of the income: it will be 50% of the quota exceeding the minimum treatment, in case of dependent work, and equal to 30% of the excess quota and never higher than 30% of the income received, in the case of self-employment.

With at least 40 years of contributions paid, however, no deduction is foreseen and the check is fully cumulative with the income from employee or self-employment. If the check is converted into an old-age pension, the pension can be combined with income from work.

Disability pension

Disability pension

If the pensioner is under the age of retirement, the disability pension is suspended, if the income deriving from dependent, self-employed, professional or business work is greater than 3 times the amount of the minimum treatment employee pension fund, calculated 13 times the monthly amount in force on January 1 of each year.

If the disability pension is higher than the minimum treatment, he may be subject to a deduction. With less than 40 years of contributions, the deduction varies according to the origin of the income: it will be equal to 50% of the quota exceeding the minimum treatment, in case of dependent work, and equal to 30% of the excess quota and never higher than 30% of the income received, in the case of self-employment.

With at least 40 years of contributions paid, however, no deduction is foreseen and the pension can be fully combined with the income from employee or self-employment. If the disability pension is converted into an old-age pension, the pension can be combined with work income.

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How is the early repayment of the loan? Thu, 06 Feb 2020 03:51:12 +0000


Today, a huge number of people use or used the credit services of banks, because they have become much more affordable, and the economic situation in the country has been and remains more or less stable.

Repaying a loan in a timely manner is good, but many borrowers, arranging a loan, assumes its early repayment in order to save their money.

What you need to know about early repayment of a loan?

What you need to know about early repayment of a loan?

Before the entry into force of the law, banks abused their powers and applied a number of measures that significantly limited the ability of borrowers. For example, they applied fines for the early repayment of credit debt, levied commissions for this, and limited the limit on the amount that could be repaid.

With the introduction of the law in 2011, banks were banned from pursuing such an aggressive policy with respect to their customers.

However, unscrupulous financial institutions still find ways to circumvent the law:

  • charge a fee for the services of an operator to recount the calendar of loan payments;
  • initially increase the interest on the loan to cover their potential losses;
  • establish the terms when it is possible to repay a loan ahead of schedule;
  • control the limit of the amount that can be paid as prepayment;
  • those who make a loan payment in advance are not issued loans again.

All this happens because the bank considers early repayment as a loss of its income with which they do not want to part, and therefore they are trying by all means to discourage the client from the desire to pay off the debt ahead of schedule.

Loan repayment terms

Loan repayment terms

If the borrower anticipates premature repayment of the loan in advance, then he should take care of this issue even before applying for a loan. The conditions regarding the early repayment of the loan must be included in the loan agreement.

As a rule, it indicates:

  1. Timing when you can start early repayment. Often this can be done not at the very beginning of the payment schedule, but after the payment of half the debt.
  2. Amount to be paid as prepayment.
  3. Is the option of full repayment of the loan prematurely possible?
  4. Whether a fine or penalty for early repayment is imposed and what are the associated costs associated with this action.
  5. Whether the amount of debt and the amount of interest at early repayment will change.

If the loan agreement does not give answers to at least one of these questions, then it must be clarified with the loan consultant. It is also worth knowing what documents govern the missing clauses in the contract, and how often they change.

How to pay off a loan ahead of schedule?

How to pay off a loan ahead of schedule

By depositing money in advance, the client expects to receive benefits in the form of a lower cost of the loan, but this is not always the case. It all depends on the terms of the loan agreement and the scheme by which the loan is issued.

There are two ways to repay a loan:

  1. Annuity when the fee is paid in equal installments.
  2. Differentiated when each subsequent payment becomes less due to a decrease in the loan body.

In case of early repayment of the debt, a differentiated payment scheme is beneficial, since it implies a decrease in the main debt and, accordingly, accrued interest.

Prepayment procedure

Prepayment procedure

It is not so easy to repay a loan ahead of schedule, for this it is worth going through several stages:

  1. It is necessary to notify the bank that the client wants to make a premature payment. The deadlines for such a notification can vary from 3 to 30 days. Most often, for such an alert, a standard application form is used, which must be filled out at the bank and given to a credit adviser.
  2. Before you make money at the cash desk, it is worth clarifying your debt to cents. This is necessary in order for the loan agreement to be considered closed, because if the client does not pay a few cents, then the debt will not be written off. In addition, with full early repayment of the debt, the bank will be obliged to recalculate the amount of debt and reduce interest.
  3. Payment of the balance of debt. The bank will conduct this operation not on the day of payment, but on the date of the next next payment, since interest and fees for this period will be included in the final payment.
  4. After payment, you should contact the bank and get a certificate on closing the loan agreement to remove all issues.
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A credit account in the market Thu, 06 Feb 2020 03:32:15 +0000

A credit account, a quick loan, a consumer loan and secured loans – this is the list of credit services you can get by contacting smsmoney. A reliable creditor has been working in the market for several years, and during this time he earned only the most flattering reviews, he was able to earn an impeccable reputation. The company is always ready to meet the client’s needs, if necessary, get money into the account quickly and simply. The company’s website is organized in such a way that you can easily find the service you need, choose the necessary limit and the loan period, get acquainted with the details of the service, and apply for a loan.

A credit account from smsmoney is an opportunity to receive an amount from 300 to 5000 dollars for 12, 24 or 36 months. It is enough to issue a contract on a credit account only once, after which you can use the amount again and again within the framework of the credit limit. Funds are credited to the account in just a few minutes, while you pay interest only on the amount you use.

Credit account and its key features

Credit account and its key features

If you do not use money, they simply lie on your account as a “safety cushion”, and you can use it at any convenient time. By paying off your loan debt ahead of schedule, you save on interest. Fee for the execution of the contract is not provided. You need to understand that after you pay off the entire amount of the debt, the credit account itself will be active, and you can use it at any time.

Do not waste your time looking for a lender, applying for a loan and waiting for consideration. An application is submitted quickly and simply: you select the credit limit you need, the crediting period, and click on the “submit application” button.

Of course, all new customers will need to be identified in accordance with law, however, these requirements are relevant for each creditor, and smsmoney in this case is no exception. But how it really differs from other credit offices is the ability to not only quickly and simply receive the required loan amount into the account, but also earn bonus money!

This is a unique program for smsmoney clients, thanks to which each client of the company can receive 20 dollars to his account for one invited friend. To do this, just tell your friends about the company, and when they register on the site, the person who invited them will receive 20 dollars into the account, everything is quick and easy.

Consumer loans – your benefits

Consumer loans - your benefits

Consumer loans are a popular type of lending. In this case, money is taken for more serious needs in the amount of up to 7,500 dollars for a period of 3 months to 5 years. If you need a minimum amount for this product, it is only 500 dollars.

There is the possibility of early repayment of debt to save on interest. No collateral is required, and the company offers this loan at a lower interest rate than competitors. In order to get a consumer loan, you must meet the following requirements. The age of the borrower is from 22 years, an registration or a residence permit is required, as it is necessary to have a permanent income, an open bank account and a mobile phone number. The borrower does not have to spend a lot of time filing an application and waiting for a decision on the application.

Small consumer credit is not targeted, and can be used for absolutely any purpose. Most often, this loan is issued to pay for treatment, purchase a ticket to the resort, purchase furniture or household appliances, as well as repair an apartment. In any case, you will not need to notify the company of the purposes for which you are taking money.

When the client needs an amount of up to 1000 dollars, a quick loan from smsmoney is perfect for him. A distinctive feature of this loan is the speed of processing, minimum time to wait for a decision on the application. At the same time, regular customers also have the opportunity to receive a deferral of payments, and can also use special offers and various discounts, and if you need additional loans, you can also use this option.

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Take out a loan to solve financial problems Wed, 05 Feb 2020 03:59:14 +0000


Being unemployed is more common than it seems since, due to the crisis, a large number of people lost their jobs during the last seven years since 2008.

That is why, sometimes it is difficult to face unforeseen situations in which a liquidity contribution is necessary to get out of the situation, they can be pending bills or expenses due to illness, displacement, etc. The fact is that sometimes a credit is needed and not having payroll is an important obstacle because banks do not provide money to those people who do not offer them the necessary guarantees. However, you can get a loan without payroll for difficult situations thanks to a private equity company.

A loan without payroll for difficult situations

A loan without payroll for difficult situations

Lender companies like this grant their clients loans without payroll, and for this, it is only necessary to provide a guarantee that can be of the real estate type or of any other kind so that the client can guarantee this loan with vehicles, art collections, real estate, taxi licenses, etc. any property serves as long as it has the necessary value so that the user receives the amount of money he needs. The only limitation is in jewelry that is not valid to guarantee the credits that our company provides

Real estate guarantees

Real estate guarantees

In the case of real estate guarantees, they need to meet a very important condition to be valid as such, they must be free of charges and mortgages and we accept flats, houses, premises, etc. plots or parcels are not valid because these goods have prices that vary too much and therefore are not appropriate guarantees.

The non-payroll loans offered by our company have a series of very important and useful advantages for the client, such as the speed with which transactions are processed, which makes it possible for the client to receive their money in less than 72 hours whenever Our company has received the necessary documents to start the procedures.

Credits for people enrolled in delinquent lists

Credits for people enrolled in delinquent lists

Another of the virtues that our credits have is that they can be provided to people who are enrolled in delinquent lists, for us it is not an impediment and we grant money to those who are enrolled in asnef lists. It should be borne in mind that we work with professionals who have extensive knowledge of financial and real estate issues and this is also an addition that allows us to carry out the procedures more quickly since our team can handle many tasks, for example the official appraisal of the house, which we carry out at an economic price for the client.

Another advantage that our credits have is the early cancellation with a 0% penalty, this is granted as long as the client has been with us for a minimum of one mandatory year.

We provide loans without payroll for difficult situations, or any other need that the user has, you just have to provide a guarantee that can be of any kind and for this the client must contact us and ask us their questions using the web form of our page or through the customer service telephone number. These loans have many payment facilities, their installments can be paid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual installments and the client can select the one that best suits them.

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